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Pet Training
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Does your dog/puppy drive you crazy with its excessive barking, whining or chewing? Or is your dog too aggressive, biting or growling at your visitors? Well, you need an immediate remedy. Subscribe to our training course and learn easy ways to turn your unruly, disobedient dog into a loving friendly companion. Many dogs have their own set of behavioural problems. Improper training methods may negatively affect your dog's behaviour and turn your beloved pet into a disobedient, aggressive or unruly dog. Being a dog owner you should be aware of such potential problems and train your dog accordingly. If your dog bites or tears up your furniture, it's not the dog's fault. Most dogs show signs of such behaviour. So it's up to you to set the rules and teach your pet what's acceptable.

Pet boarding in chhatarpur

Aggression-related dog behaviour problems include biting, jumping, barking uncontrollably and disobeying commands. As your dog grows older it will become much harder to train. Training should ideally start from an early stage so that these tendencies do not become habits.

Dog Walking Service
Too busy or too tired to take your dog out for a walk? Just call us and we'll send over a pet sitter who'll take your pooch out for his daily walks at a time that suits you and your dog's schedule.

Basic Obidence Training Comands
  • Sit
  • Shake hand
  • Down
  • Eat on order
  • Stay
  • Heel
  • Sand away

Advance Training Comands

  • Fetch: Ball, Newspaper
  • Heel without Leash
  • Without Leash control
  • Distance control